What is MARQUEE Tag and it’s Attributes in HTML


It is used to create a scrolling text marquee. Marquees can be left or right aligned.

Type : – Coutainer tag.



  • a) align: It can be set to Top, Middle or Bottom and specifies that the ext around the marquee should align with top, middle or bottom of the marquee.
  • b) behavior : It can be set to scroll, slidcor alternate, It specifies hon text should behove scroll (default) means start completely offonesia scroll, all the way across and completely off then start again. Slider means start completely off one side, scroll in and stops as soon as the text touches the other margin.
  • c) bgcolor : Spefies a background color for the marquee either as a rrggbb box triplet or as one of the Interuct explorer prename colors.
  • d) direction : Specifies in which direction the text should scroll. The default is LEFT (left to right) It can be set to RIGHT (right to left).
  • e) hight : Specifies the hight in pixels or as percentage.
  • f) width : Specifies the width in pixels or as percentage.
  • g) hspace : Specifies left and right margins for the outside of the marquee in pixels.
  • h) loop : Loop speisies how many times a marquee will loop when activated. Ifn= -1 or Loop=Infiniteb is specified the marquee will loop in definitelty.
  • i) scrolldelay; Specifies no of milisecond between each successive draw.


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