Use of html in web development


HTML is a not only used to develop web pages, but it can also be useful to develop internet or intranet or extranet applications, help files, network applications and kiosk applications.

Two basic tools that are required to develop and view the web page created using HTML code are

  1. HTML Editor
  2.  Web Browser HTML Editor.

HTML editor is required to create and save HTML document. It can be classified in two categories Text based HTML editor and WYSIWYG based HTML editor

Text based HTML editor allows to write HTML code, to develop the web page, Notepad, WordPad, Edit plus and Ultra Edit are some examples of text based HTML editors.

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) based HTML editor facilitates to view the output of the web document with its HTML code. FrontPage and Dreamweaver are WYSIWYG based HTML editors. Web Browser Web browser is a software which is used to view HTML document. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mosaic and Opera are very well known Web browsers. Web document’s appearance will vary from browser to browser and from computer to computer. Web browser can be classified in two categories – text based browsers and graphical browsers. Text based Web browsers can display only text where graphical browsers can display text and graphics both.

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