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Laravel – Installation (How To Create New Laravel Project)

For managing dependencies, Laravel uses composer. Make sure you have a Composer installed on your system before you install Laravel. In this chapter, you will see the installation process of Laravel.

System Requirements

  1. Xammp
    • if you don’t have an install xammp yet please install it Make sure you have a Composer installed on your system before you install Laravel

install Xammp On your pc  (Click Here )

  1. Composer & NPM
    • if you don’t have an install composer & NPM yet please install it (

install Composer or NPM On your pc  (Click Here )

    • For test composer just open the command prompt and run composer

if you get this screen that means the composer installed successfully


Step 1 – Create a new directory anywhere in your system for your new project. After that, move to the path where you have created the new directory and type the following command there to install Laravel

composer create-project laravel/laravel –-prefer-dist

Step 3 − The above command will install Laravel in the current directory. Go to your project directory.

cd laravel

Start the project by following the command.

php artisan serve

After executing the above command, you will see a screen as shown below −


Copy the URL underlined in gray in the above screenshot and open that URL in the browser. If you see the following screen, that’s means you have created your first project successfully




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